The estate represents a unique opportunity to invest in the mostPlanet sustainable environmentally sensitive  beach villa in West Africa. The focus - from design and construction to finishing and usage - is to balance YIELD and SUSTAINABILTY.
The estate develops green space, encourages recycling, reuse and standard of maintenance culture.

The growth in human population with a corresponding yearning for increased standard of living and comfort but at competitive cost continues to engage the attention of service providers and property developers. The one most important opportunity in this challenge is the   over-reliance on the traditional (fossil) sources of energy. Competition for this non-renewable energy resource is on the increase thus endangering sustainable energy development and supply.
Coupled with this is the current energy price volatility which is only reflective of the inadequate investment in basic renewable energy infrastructure for production, delivery, storage and distribution.

A few of the proven sustainable concepts incorporated in this gated
community beach estate development and management project include:

  • water usage,
  • cooling and heating systems,
  • construction,
  • architecture and
  • landscaping.