Overview Ocean Green Limited was established under the laws of the Republic gredaof Ghana, as beach villas estate developer. Ocean Green Limited is an impact investment opportunity to build environmentally sensitive homes and dwellings for own use and for investment income at strategic locations.
Mission is to make and accelerate growth of Profit, growth of our society and People and to protect our environment Planet.

Who we are

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Ben GagbaIntroduction of the project team Plan initiator and plan developer is Ben Gagba, the Founder & CEO of Ghana Green Coast Company B.V.  Ben is professionally occupied as a Project Director in ecological building and  techniques and property developments in the Netherlands & France and Ghana.

Ben held several corporate and multi-property positions with companies such as Volker Wessel Stevin, Kuijpers and BTI in sustainable energy design, construction and maintenance covering the whole value chain of real estate development and management with over 24 years Industry experience.
Special competences include the use of geothermal energy for cooling and heating, solar energy for hot water production and electricity, and so on. Projects in which Ben played a role in include: Haagse Hogeschool, the most Sustainable Energy Building in The Netherland in 2009.  Dutch Hotel Teshie Nungua in Ghana: In the Dutch Hotel in Ghana - energy savings project -  hot water for the hotel rooms are supplied by the hot water solar panels. The Ecodomein Real Estates developments, in France – member design team.

The Green Beach Villa Prampram development is inspired by the example and experiences from the Les Jardins Chateau d’Olonne. Ben has been involved in the property market in Ghana since 1992. Ben knows the markets in Ghana and Europe and the local dynamics.


 Ingrid Gagba-Brouwer    Eric Constant

Ingrid Gagba-Brouwer, MSc, REP,CB, LLM is Managing
Partner at Ghana Green Coast B.V. &BTI Technical
Support &Innovations, on Accounting, Finance, Legal &
Ingrid is an experience Accountant and Tax Law specialist for
over 17 years in International fiscal law & Accountancy. She
studied at University Groningen and is a Member of Dutch
Tax Experts, Accountancy & Tax Consultants Federation (RB)


Eric Constant,  MSc, Managing Partner at Ghana Green
Coast B.V., on Hospitality, Leisure Project Development and
Management, with over 34 years industry experience.
Eric previously worked at The Hague University as head of
Program for the Academy of Facility Management.
Eric worked with Kempinski-, Dorint-, and Golden Tulip
Hotels. As an independent consultant he works for Chateau
Jemeppe in Belgium.  He is also past president, founder and
board member of Chateaux et Residences Gastronomiques.
Mr. Constant holds a degree in Hotel Administration

 John Esiape    Lolke Weegenaar

John Esiape, MPh, MBA is Managing Partner at Ghana
Green Coast B.V. & BTI Technical Support & Innovations on
Management and Administration. 
John has over 24 years of experience in Administration
and Financial Management, held several corporate,
Sales, organizational and administrative positions with
companies such as Heinz International, Safety and Quality
Management, Production & Operations Officer Labour and
Benefits Expert with skills in Negotiations, Mediation &
Arbitration with great skills in organizing and Public Affairs.
John holds a post-graduate degree in Management and


Lolke Weegenaar,  ING.  MBA is business and investment
executive. He retired as international division director from
a large US based corporation, after which he invested ‘hands
on’ in smaller companies in the Netherlands. He develop a
5,5 hectares estate in the Northern part of the Netherlands.
(www.oudebosch.nl) Lolke has broad international business
competence and hold a business administration master
degree of the University Nyenrode. He invests in Ghana. Our
Managing partner.

Our Accountants and Tax Advisors
BOATENG, OFFEI & CO. Correspondent firm;

BOATENG, OFFEI & CO., is a correspondent firm of the International accounting group, Grant Thornton International Ltd., and provide us with accounting, auditing, and tax and business advisory services.

Developments are in close coördination with Our Strategic Alliances
0. Pietnoordzij Rozenburg B.V pietnoordzij.nl,
1. Thermal Comfort systems B.V, thermalcomfortsystems.nl geothermal cooling supply and installation.
2. IC group, interior-consult.com both local and Intercontinental expertise in residence interior design & supply.
3. padarchitectes.com, durable architectural
4. bticonsult.nl, sustainable energy and eco utility technologies in building construction and room climate control

Our Bankers:
ING Bank
GT Bank, Ghana